Low Price High Quality Pine Oil 50% For Sale


Low Price High Quality Pine Oil 50% For Sale

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Terpineol oil is prepared by hydrolysis reaction with turpentine as raw material, sulfuric acid as catalyst, and alcohol or peregrine (a surfactant) as emulsifier.

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The advantages of copper sulfate electroplating

Pinol oil is commonly known as No. 2 flotation oil, and its main component terpene alcohol is a cyclic structure and has three isomers (-terpene alcohol, -enol, -terpene alcohol). Pine alcohol oil is light yellow oily transparent liquid, density (20℃) 0.900~0.915g/mL, pungent smell, flammable, slightly soluble in water; it can be oxidized in air, after oxidation, its viscosity will increase, when exposed to acid or heat It will decompose and reduce the beneficiation performance. Pinol oil has strong foaming property, and can generate bubbles with uniform size, medium viscosity and suitable stability; when the amount of pine alcohol oil is too large, the bubbles will become smaller, which will affect the flotation index. Terpineol oil belongs to the third category of hazardous chemicals, namely flammable liquids. Sparks and open flames should be avoided and stored in a cool place.

Turpine alcohol oil is widely used in the flotation of various metallic or non-metallic ores, and is an excellent foaming agent for non-ferrous metals. It is mainly used for the flotation of various sulfide ores such as copper, lead, zinc and iron ores and various non-sulfide ores. It has the characteristics of less foam and high concentrate grade. It also has certain collection properties, especially for talc, sulfur, graphite, molybdenite and coal and other easily floating minerals. The foam formed by terpineol oil in flotation operation is more stable than other foaming agents. At the same time, it can be used as a solvent in the paint industry and a penetrant in the textile industry.





Grade A

Grade B


Colorless transparent liquid, few of terpine suspended substance will appear when temperature is lower than 10℃

Yellowish transparent liquid, few of terpine suspended substance will appear when temperature is lower than 10℃

Density (20℃)









Packing: iron drum or plastic drum.

Storage: Store in a ventilated, sun-protected warehouse.



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