• Methyl acetate

    Methyl acetate

    CAS No.:79-20-9
    Other Names:methylacetate
    EINECS No.:201-185-2
    Place of Origin:China
    Grade Standard:Industrial Grade
    Application:Resin, coating, ink, paint, adhesive, leather
    Brand Name:Jinchangsheng
    Boiling point:57.8 ℃
    Melting point:-98.7 ℃
    Refractive index:1.3614
    Molecular Weight:74.08
    Package:190 Kg/drum
    Density:0.934 G/mL

  • Butyl acetate

    Butyl acetate

    N-butyl acetate, referred to as butyl acetate, is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3COO(CH2)3CH3. It is a colorless, transparent liquid with a pleasant fruity smell. It is an excellent organic solvent. It is suitable for ethyl cellulose, Cellulose acetate butyrate, polystyrene, methacrylic resin, chlorinated rubber and various natural gums have good solubility properties. flammable. The acute toxicity is small, but it is highly irritating to the eyes and nose.

  • Ethyl acetate

    Ethyl acetate

    Product Name: Ethyl acetate
    Appearance: colorless liquid
    Chemical formula: C4H8O2
    CAS: 141-78-6
    Packing method: 180kg/drum

  • Dimethyl carbonate

    Dimethyl carbonate

    Dimethyl carbonate, DMC

    Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) 99.9% Molecular Formula C3H6O3