Epoxy resin


Epoxy resin

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Epoxy resin     CAS No.:61788-97-4      Density: 1.2 g/cm³        Other Names:Epoxy resins/Epoxy/Polyepoxide        MF:C21H23ClFNO2      Type: Liquid clear         Shelf life:24 Months             Storage conditions:Room Temperature         Curing condition:70℃*4h          Pot life(100g 25℃):3h           Mixing ratio(weight ratio):A:B=3:1         Epoxy resin A Viscosity (25℃,cps):2000±100           Epoxy resin B Viscosity (25℃,cps:12±2



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Epoxy resin is a high molecular polymer with a molecular formula of (C11H12O3)n, which refers to the general term for a class of polymers containing more than two epoxy groups in the molecule. It is the polycondensation product of epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A or polyol. Due to the chemical activity of the epoxy group, a variety of compounds containing active hydrogen can be used to open the ring, cure and cross-link to form a network structure, so it is a thermosetting resin. Bisphenol A epoxy resin not only has the largest output and the most complete variety, but also new modified varieties are still increasing, and the quality is constantly improving.

Our epoxy resin can be cured under normal temperature, two components system hard resin, natural defoaming, yellow resistance, high transparency, bright in surface, it can be also cured at high temperature for faster curing.

 Epoxy Resin

Product Specification:

Epoxy resin A
Epoxy resin B
Crystal liquid
Crystal liquid
Viscosity (25℃,cps)
Mixing ratio(weight ratio)
Pot life(100g 25℃)
Curing condition
Totally cured hardness 25℃ (shore D)
Bending strength MPa
Tensile strength MPa
Difference of resistance to yellowing △b
Water absorption 25℃-24h ( unit:%)


Epoxy Resin as Adhesives
Using epoxy resin for adhesive purposes is one of its most common uses. Epoxy glue can be used in structural applications such as in the construction of aircraft, vehicles, bicycles, and snowboards. Its ability to become rigid or flexible means it can be used in practically any application.

Epoxy Resin for Electrical Systems and Electronics
Epoxy resin has insulating properties that makes it a great option in electrical applications, such as motors, generators, insulators, and transformers. It protects from moisture, dust, and short circuits.

Epoxy Resin for Painting
Also referred to as powder coating, you can find epoxy paint in everyday household items, such as washing machines and dryers. Epoxy-based paint is typically used in commercial environments. The coating is protective, durable, and easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for appliances, as well as metals such as cast steel, aluminum, and iron.

Epoxy Resin for Sealing and Coating
Epoxy resin is well known for its preventative properties against corrosion, which makes it an excellent option for a number of household items that would normally rust over time. It’s also used for flooring applications. Epoxy flooring, such as terrazzo or chip flooring, use an epoxy resin coating because of its durability. Garage floor epoxy is also a commonly used application as well as epoxy grout.

Epoxy Resin for Repairs
Due to its strong adhesive properties, epoxy resins are used by consumers to repair and maintain a number of household objects, such as china, glass, ceramics, metal, wood, and latex. Coating a fragile piece with an epoxy resin creates a fine and tightly former layer that protects and securely holds pieces in place for years.

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200l plastic or iron bucket

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