Ethyl acetate and butyl acetate market analysis


Ethyl acetate and butyl acetate market analysis


Ethyl acetate:

This week (1.29-2.2), the domestic ethyl acetate market remained stable, with the increase or decrease of ethyl acetate at 0%. On the one hand, costs have improved, and on the other hand, the overall market performance is that supply is moderately tight, but due to the limited improvement in downstream demand, the transaction atmosphere is weak.

Market analysis: The ethyl acetate market has maintained a stable trend recently. The push continues to be weak. The trading atmosphere in the market is acceptable, and downstream procurement is dominated by rigid demand. The rise and fall of ethyl ester in East China, Central China and South China are all within the 100 yuan range. At the beginning of this week, the quotations of most major manufacturers were stable. The quotations of some manufacturers in Hebei, Anhui and Jiangsu increased slightly, but the amplitude was not large, and were controlled within 50 yuan/ton. The main major manufacturers in Shandong bid for shipments, and the bidding results were relatively satisfactory. Transactions were made at a premium, and overall shipments remained at normal levels. In terms of raw materials, the price of acetic acid has rebounded since January, and the cost aspect has continued to improve, which may continue to be transmitted to the terminal in the future. Boosting the downstream ethyl ester to maintain a strong trend.

Market outlook forecast: At present, the supply and demand of ethyl acetate are basically balanced, and the short-term fundamentals are difficult to change. It is expected that range adjustments will continue next week. However, due to the strong influence of acetic acid, the market may have room to make up for growth. It is recommended to pay attention to the start-up status of raw material acetic acid and ethyl acetate manufacturers.

Butyl acetate:


This week (1.29-2.2), the butyl acetate market is operating weakly and steadily, mainly due to the weak supply and demand. The butyl acetate market price has not improved this week. The price has continued the decline last week, and the market has been hovering at a low level. Butyl acetate fell by 0.7% on the week. The cost side is affected by the decline of acetic acid this week and the weak influence of n-butanol. The market lacks a positive impact. The supply and demand side maintains a weak balance, which restricts the price of butyl ester from going out of an independent market.

Market analysis: Most of the quotations from major manufacturers have remained stable this week, and some manufacturers have slightly lowered their prices, but not by much, around 50 yuan. The operating rate of enterprises is low, and supply and demand remain relatively balanced. The price of raw material acetic acid continues to rebound. According to the commodity market analysis system of SunSirs, the weekly decrease was 1.5%, and the cost aspect is generally negative. What’s more important is that the price of butyl ester has not come out of the gloom due to the weak supply and demand side. Downstream purchases are mostly based on demand, and manufacturers often use them as they go, making it difficult to amplify transaction volume. However, the operating rate of butyl acetate industry remains low, generally less than 40%, and manufacturers’ price increases also have a boosting effect. Limited supply also supported prices.
Market outlook: The butyl acetate market is expected to maintain a range adjustment in the near future, and prices may remain rigid and stable due to low device startups in the near future. It is recommended to pay attention to the start-up status of the raw material manufacturers of acetic acid, n-butanol and butyl acetate.

Post time: Feb-04-2024