Domestic acetone market price first increased and then stabilized


Domestic acetone market price first increased and then stabilized

The domestic acetone market was dominated by upward movements during the week. According to the commodity market analysis system, the average price of the national acetone market recently increased by 4.12%.

Port inventories fell slightly. On the 13th, the inventory of acetone port in Jiangyin was 13,000 tons, a decrease of 7,500 tons from the 6th. The market’s spot resources are tight, which has boosted the mentality of traders with imported goods. Wanhua Chemical Plant plans to stop its operations at the end of this month to wash towers. In the case of tight spot resources, traders’ quotations are strong and push up, and terminals enter the market for procurement.

Factories concentrated on raising listing prices. In the middle of the week, the price of phenolic ketone factories increased by 200 RMB/ton. The factories built a bottom and the market continued to rise. On the 16th, the listed price of acetone of Sinopec East China was raised by 200 RMB/ton to 6,700 RMB/ton, and the listed price of acetone of Sinopec North China was raised by 200 RMB/ton to 6,800 RMB/ton. The profits of phenolic and ketone companies have also increased, and the average operating rate of companies is around 70%.

Looking downstream, MIBK continues to fall. As of now, the market has negotiated to 13100-13200RMB/ton. There is still room for negotiation on actual orders. The decline during the week reached 4.12%, and the trading on the market is poor. Downstream bisphenol A declined weakly, with on-site auctions mainly falling during the week. The downstream MMA factory shut down and reduced its load, and the overall demand for acetone dropped sharply.

The supply of goods at the port is gradually arriving, but the overall port inventory has not improved much. Domestic resources are shipped as planned, traders have limited spot resources, and the market’s price support sentiment still exists.
However, considering that the transaction volume may shrink after a period of downstream replenishment,The acetone market in East China is expected to be strong and rise slightly, with limited room for growth.


Post time: Nov-20-2023