Cyclohexanone CAS: 108-94-1


Cyclohexanone CAS: 108-94-1

Cyclohexanone has the chemical formula C6H10O, relative molecular weight 98.143, CAS number 108-94-1, melting point -47 ℃, boiling point 155 ℃, flash point 44 ℃, density 0.947 g/cm³, and appears as a colorless and transparent liquid. Cyclohexanone is slightly soluble in water and miscible in most organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, benzene, and acetone.

From March 8 to 15, the average price of cyclohexanone in the domestic market fell by 0.51% during the cycle, down 0.57% month-on-month, and up 2.25% year-on-year. Domestic cyclohexanone prices are waiting to be consolidated. The raw material pure benzene has been consolidated recently, and the cost support has become stronger. The spot supply of cyclohexanone is stable, and downstream companies are following up on demand. Due to the slight rebound in the pure benzene market, the cyclohexanone industry has stopped falling and stabilized.

In terms of cost, raw material pure benzene: Domestic prices of pure benzene are relatively high. Domestic pure benzene production has limited changes, and downstream demand for goods is stable. However, the arrival of imported goods has increased, and port inventories have accumulated slightly. As of March 15, the benchmark price of pure benzene from SunSirs was 8,508.83 yuan/ton. In the cost structure of the traditional cyclohexanone process route, pure benzene accounts for 53%. The market trend of pure benzene directly affects the price of cyclohexanone, and the short-term cost of cyclohexanone is favored by favorable factors.

Comparative chart of price trends of pure benzene (upstream raw material) and cyclohexanone:


On the supply side, domestic cyclohexanone production capacity is about 7.14 million tons, and the current operating load is about 60%, which is at a low level. Cyclohexanone: The average weekly operating load of cyclohexanone was 68.67%, and the weekly output was 104,100 tons, which was a decrease from the previous cycle. The supply of cyclohexanone is affected by positive factors.

On the demand side, cyclohexanone devices are mostly supporting the downstream production of caprolactam, and caprolactam is one of the most important downstream products of cyclohexanone. Sales of caprolactam and downstream PA6 chips improved, and the market stabilized. However, in the later period, the market still has concerns about the supply of caprolactam, and polymerization plants mainly purchase raw materials on demand. The demand side of cyclohexanone is temporarily negative.

Comparison chart of cyclohexanone price and caprolactam (downstream products) trends:


The market outlook predicts that pure benzene will fluctuate and its cost support will be relatively stable. There is not much spot supply of cyclohexanone, and there is uncertainty in downstream demand. In the short term, the domestic cyclohexanone market is mainly consolidating.

Post time: Mar-18-2024