Analysis of China’s polyacrylamide market in March


Analysis of China’s polyacrylamide market in March


Commodity market: In March, the domestic market trend of polyacrylamide (CPAM, cationic, molecular weight 12 million, 10-30 ion degree) in my country rose slightly, with a monthly increase of 0.60%. This month, the prices of raw materials acrylonitrile and acrylic acid have gone up, while fuel prices have fallen. The cost of polyacrylamide has varied. Enterprises in the main production areas have started operations normally, and the market supply is abundant. The main trend in the polyacrylamide market is consolidation.


Raw material acrylonitrile: The acrylonitrile market rose slightly in March. As of March 31, the acrylonitrile market’s out-of-tank prices rose slightly by 4.47% from the beginning of the month. The price of raw material propylene fell slightly and the price of liquid ammonia rose sharply, and the cost of acrylonitrile continued to support; the start-up of ABS, one of the main downstreams, fell slightly, and the demand was weakly supported by acrylonitrile; the start-up of acrylonitrile increased steadily and slightly. The supply of acrylonitrile increased slightly.

Raw material acrylic acid: The acrylic acid market rose in March. At the beginning of the month, the price of acrylic acid fell in the market. The main reason was that the demand side was dragging the market, terminal demand was slow to follow up, downstream new orders were limited, the mood for receiving goods was not good, and acrylic acid companies were not shipping smoothly, and some profits were made to facilitate transactions. As the price of raw material propylene rises, cost pressure intensifies, some equipment at the supply end is shut down for maintenance, and the industry’s capacity utilization rate decreases. The main manufacturers increase their quotations, which supports the market’s price support mentality. The supply of low-priced goods on the market decreases, and downstream inquiry intentions are acceptable. , the buying order continues and just needs to be followed up, the actual orders in the market are generally closed. Towards the end of the month, some equipment is undergoing maintenance, and the spot supply is low. The supply side is positive and the market is rising.

Liquefied natural gas for production. The domestic LNG market continued to fall after a volatile rise in March. In mid-to-early March, domestic liquefied natural gas prices experienced mixed fluctuations, showing an overall upward trend. Costs have been raised and bullish market sentiment has increased, but market demand is limited. In late March, domestic LNG prices continued to decline. The market supply mainly exceeds demand, coupled with the falling raw gas prices, the LNG market is weakening.

Market outlook: In March, raw material cost prices rose, fuel prices fell, and polyacrylamide costs varied. On the supply side, enterprises in the main production areas are operating normally and the market supply is abundant; on the demand side, downstream procurement and supply continue to be flat, and market transactions are mainly stable. It is expected that consolidation will still be the main trend in the short term.



Post time: Apr-02-2024